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10 easy crafts & activities to prepare kids for pre-school


10 fantastic, easy activities and crafts to prepare kids for pre-school, including fine and gross motor skills, plus social and co-operative life skills.

The Best H craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with an) H craft ideas for kids: a happy mixed-media collage, mini Frozen crown hat from a paper cup & healthy balloon snack.

How to make a model of the solar system: a guest post by Joe Butterworth (age almost 13)


Full step-by-step tutorial to make your own model of the solar system: a special guest post from Joe Butterworth (aged almost 13).

A is for AWESOME craft ideas for kids


The most awesome craft ideas for kids: A Lego drawbot, DIY jet pack & water fountain colour mixing.

Best E craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with an) E craft ideas for kids: Elmer the elephant sun-catchers, eating shark play doh geometry & exploding coloured milk experiment.

How to create Leaf Art (after an adventure)


A fun, free craft for all ages, combining a nature adventure, collaborative art and imagination.

The best U craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with a) U craft ideas for kids: underwater sensory glitter sand, upcycled paper bag bugs & plastic bottle monster game.

Summer crafts for kids part 1 : messy crafts & activities


Messy crafts and activities for kids – the first post in a series of 42 family Summer crafts and activities!

The best B craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with a) B craft ideas for kids: bird and butterfly sun-catchers, paper plate hot air balloons and a button tree picture.

How to make an easy origami dress


Find out how to make this cute, easy origami dress. All you need is a square of pretty paper!

The best C craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with a) C craft ideas for kids: Cricut moustaches for shoes, coffee tin desk tidy and a cork construction project.

Happy birthday to Hodge Podge Craft (& a competition)!


Hodge Podge Craft is a whole year old and I’m having a give-away to celebrate!

The best O craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with an) O craft ideas for kids: oil gifts for the bath, opaque jam-jar vases and an origami wallet.

Nature scavenger hunt: Y is for Yellow


A fun photo nature scavenger hunt, looking for yellow things in nature (as part of the ABCs of Nature series: Y is for yellow) – including a free printable!

The best N craft ideas for kids


The best (beginning with an) N craft ideas for kids: nail varnish washer necklaces, number mobile and novelty soap dispenser.

4th July party bags for grown ups!


What to include in 4th July party bags for grown ups: a pamper pack, hangover survival kit, sweets etc, with links to free printables!

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