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More firework crafts for kids!

I’ve already shared 5 of my favourite firework crafts for kids and since bonfire night is coming up next month, I wanted to share some more with you. These are easy, safe, fun and pretty!  Young children love the bright colours of fireworks, but sometimes the real thing can be a little overwhelming, loud and late for them, so firework crafts are the perfect alternative.

Take a look and have fun trying them out…

Pretty firework crafts for kids

Firework crafts for kids:

  1. Salt art fireworks from The Madhouse
  2. Firework sensory bottle from Messy Little Monster
  3. Wool print firework craft from Crafts on Sea
  4. DIY scratch paper firework art from The Madhouse
  5. Firework biscuits from Messy Little Monsters
  6. Safe sparkler firework craft from Kids Craft Room
  7. Cardboard tube firework painting from The Madhouse
  8. Painted firework toast from Messy Little Monsters
  9. Fireworks in a glass from Paging Fun Mums
  10. Edible sparklers from The Madhouse
  11. Firework play dough from Messy Little Monsters
  12. Wet chalk fireworks from Crafty Morning
  13. Cupcake liner fireworks from A Little Pinch of Perfect
  14. Cable tie firework craft from The Madhouse

Of course these are perfect for Guy Fawkes night in the UK, but would also be great activities for kids on the 4th July in the US too.

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2 thoughts on “More firework crafts for kids!

  • So many beautiful colourful crafts, which we need with the dark nights . I love crafting at this time of year

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