3 ways to paint without a brush (Tuesday Tutorials)

How could you paint without a brush?  How about using celery, foam eggs or even paperclips?
Check out these tutorials and link up your own.

Welcome back to #Pintorials.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter break!
There were plenty more fabulous how-tos in last week‘s linky.  I’ve decided to share these 3 creative techniques:

How to paint without a brush

ways to paint without a brush

  1. Painting with paperclips from Mosswood Connections: What a brilliantly simple and original idea.  I love the results too – very impressive!
  2. Foam egg painting and 3D collage from One Time Through: I love how much fun this looks.  Plus you get 2 projects for the price of one – both simple enough for a toddler to do.
  3. Celery stalk printing and leaf paintbrush from The Princess And The Rock: Utter genius.  This would make lovely wrapping paper, don’t you think?

Why not swing by and see what Kate, Anna & Anthea are featuring this week too?
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