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New Year family focus collage


Our kitchen wall looked so dull after we’d taken down our paper cup advent calendar – I wanted to get something fun and colourful up right away.  On New Year’s Day we talked about the fun things we had in store this year and what we are looking forward to as a family.  Then I added these to a big piece of thick watercolour paper, cut out some numbers, added animals and sequins, plus a couple of watercolour illustrations.

New Year family focus collage

I left plenty of space so that we can add to the collage throughout the year – more pictures, photos, postcards etc.  It’s clipped to a ribbon, so we could even expand along that if we need to.

I think I may make this another New Year family tradition, as it would be a nice way to document and summarise each year.
It’s made me feel really positive about the new year and not so sad that Christmas is over!

6 Responses to “New Year family focus collage”

  1. Emma 10 months ago

    Mummy’s sabbatical – that sounds like fun! Em x

    1. Hodge Podge Post author 10 months ago

      Still not sure exactly what to do with it, but any paid time away from the office is good! ;)

  2. rebecca at thisfineday 10 months ago

    Beautiful collage! I love that you plan to add to it. We did something kind of similar making a family new year wishing star for our stairwell filled with all of our wishes for 2014 :-)

    1. Hodge Podge Post author 10 months ago

      Thanks Rebecca! I LOVE your wishing star (and have already Pinned it) :D

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