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Super simple thank you cards (made by a 1 year old)!

These super simple thank you cards are easy enough for a 1 year old to make (with just a little help)! You’re never too young to say thanks!

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I really wanted some super simple thank you cards for Chops to help make after his birthday last year.  At only just 1, it had to be very easy.


To make super simple thank you cards, you will need:

COST: a few quid (but you can re-use the stamp with limitless design possibilities!)
AGE: babies (with some help!) & toddlers
TIME: 10 minutes or less + drying time


How to make super simple thank you cards:

  • I started by giving Chops a paintbrush with a chunky handle, to “paint” on the cards, but he put the bristle end straight in his mouth and started sucking it.  No harm done, but no paint on the card!
  • After that, I blobbed some paint on each card before handing it to him.  Chops then smooshed the paint around, tried to “pinch” it up between his fingers to eat it and splatted it with his palms.
  • Once he’d finished, we left them to dry before stamping a thank you message in ink on them.  Some of them ended up with paint on the back and inside as well, but I am sure that none of the recipients minded!
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