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Easy sewing project: kid’s clothes plasters

Want to create a unique gift in one easy sewing project?
Need a fast quirky fix for worn-out kids’ clothes?  These are perfect to make do and mend!

Some friends gave us these fabulous clothes plasters by Jennie Maizels* and as soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I was going to use them for.

Pickle & Chops are only 17 months apart and own grey hooded tops that are identical apart from size.  We often got them muddled up and tried to squeeze Pickle into Chops’ hoodie!

I decided to make my next easy sewing project to add a different clothes plaster to each of their jackets (a robot for Chops & a rocket for Pickle).  I sewed these on, but they will also iron-on if you’re not keen on sewing, or are short on time.


I think these are great not only as a thrifty fix for worn out clothes, but also for customising new ones.  In one easy sewing project you can create a completely unique item of clothing.  Pickle and Chops were really chuffed with their finished hoodies and still comment on them.  Now we can tell at a glance which jacket belongs to who and get out of the house just a little bit faster..!

*this is not a sponsored post (I don’t earn any money from this blog) – I just really liked the clothes plasters and wanted to post about them!

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