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I heart learning to crochet (first project)!


Look what I made!  Okay, I know they aren’t perfect (I failed to make a magic circle at the start of the red one, so it has a hole in it and I’ve dropped, or maybe added a few stitches on the purple one, so it’s a little wonky), but I think they turned out pretty well for a first crochet project.  They could be a sweet way of reminding a loved one that you’re thinking of them (hide one in your little one’s lunch box with a note)…  What do you think?

Crochet heart #beginner #1stProject #love #yarn #wool #hookers #easy

If you’d like to have a go at these, just follow this tutorial from Hectanooga1 on YouTube (and if you need to practise your crochet stitches before you start, there’s another video for that too) – I love YouTube tutorials!


Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to win the Novice category of Monster Yarns’ Monster competition!  I hasten to add that my mess monster was judged on ‘creativity and personality’ and (clearly!) not skill, as until this week I didn’t have any knitting or crochet experience – he was finger knitted and sewn together.

mess monster

My prize was a voucher and I knew that I wanted to try to learn to crochet with my winnings, but had no clue where or how to start…  Lovely Judit (knitting coach and owner of Monster Yarns) was so patient and generous with her advice and suggestions; what wool to buy, what size hook I would need and that I should probably start off with a 2D or ‘flat’ project, rather than a 3D amigurumi creature (which I would love to build up to).  If you are thinking of learning to crochet or knit (or you need advice on a specific pattern/project), I would really recommend giving Judit a tweet or contacting her via her gorgeous blog (LOVE those colourful sheep!) for her expertise.

In no time at all, an exciting looking box arrived and here are the contents (with which I made the hearts above)…  Thank you so much Monster Yarns!

thank you Monster yarns


P.S. if any of you are wondering how my Portugal trip went (2 nights, with 60 fun-loving colleagues), I think this photo sums it up…

Holibobs#giantglasses #Portugal #G&T #Vogue



9 Responses to “I heart learning to crochet (first project)!”

  1. emma berry 11 months ago

    Great stuff! I am am avid knitter but never tried crocheting! Its such a skill though and I love the hearts idea! Well done! X

    1. Hodge Podge Post author 11 months ago

      Thanks Emma! :D

  2. monsteryarns 11 months ago

    The hearts look great! Next step will be designing for you :)

    1. Hodge Podge Post author 11 months ago

      Thanks Judit! :D

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  4. Claire 11 months ago

    Ooh, I want to do those little hearts, would love to leave something similar in the girlchild’s lunchbox!

    (or maybe not considering the underwhelming reaction when I put a little note in there for her!!)

    1. Hodge Podge Post author 11 months ago

      Ha! Ungrateful toddlers eh, who’d have ‘em? ;)

      I didn’t know you could crochet Claire! Will you give me some tips/lessons over the weekend? Maybe I can be persuaded to stay in with my yarn, instead of going out dancing on Saturday night…

      1. Claire 11 months ago

        No I can’t! I need to learn though.

        1. Hodge Podge Post author 11 months ago

          Yay – do it! So many cute things to make :)

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